About me

Born in 1956, in Vlaardingen
Academie for Fine Arts in Tilburg 1983-1985
Art academie St-Joost, Breda 1985-1987
Royal Academie for Fine Arts, Den Bosch, 1987-1990

Wordless poems

Since 1990 I’m working as sculptor.

I’m working free and in order, also in order from the government.

I’m making installations of several materials, as ceramics and bronze but also natural materials, using leaves, branches, feathers en flowers.

Nature inspires me, making a connection between the earth and the sky.

I was born in 1956, in Vlaardingen the Netherlands.

Sculptures from my hand are to be found in the Netherlands, Switzerland and England.

Studying at several academy’s, and had experimental working periods at several places as Belgium, the Gambia, France and the ‘sundaymorning@ EKWC’ in The Netherlands (see my c.v.)

Thea van Vliet

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