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Title: Sculptors ‘Off Track’

During a period of five weeks, six artists from the Dutch Society of Sculptors (Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers) took on a challenge to work together on a common theme. During the process artists got ‘off track’, deviating from their known patterns, in cooperation inspiring each other and bouncing off each other’s work. Spring 2012 this experiment took place at the Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum (

Theme: spaces – body language

The theme is body language in all its aspects. The reference point for the project is the visualisation of the invisible space between two bodies; at rest or in movement. It’s not necessarily the intention to give an impression of a body. New shapes and forms can arise which seem to be formless and seem to depict human nature. At the same time structures, lines and mass can be created. In short what we want is: to give meaning to space.

List of Participants:

• Wil van Blokland

• Marieke Geerlings • Karen Santen • Stephanie de Rhode • Rita van der Vegt • Thea van Vliet