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My Sculptures are silent poems.

My work arises with impressions, sheltered inside my head or stored for years, inside my head and paper. These fragmented imprints, opinions, people, postures and nature mould themselves inside my head into forms that need to be made. They put a spell on me untill I materialise them into a sculpture. Like poems are constructed with words, that 's how I bring materials and symbols together into a poetic universe that reflects what I sense and experience. Every material presents itself for me with it's own unique quality, which I then consciously use in my work.

Porcelain is like an ethereal body, fragile and still extremely hard. In combination with the colour blue, reminiscent of the sky. Bronze and ceramics are earthy, massive and dark. Concrete is cold and hard. Surprisingly by giving it a 'soft' shape, it almost becomes inviting to touch! Glass due to it's transparency is visually difficult to grasp; it reflects, it is present without being there. By expressing my idea's I experience the limitations of materials. Limitations I'd like to shift in every sense. All this brings motion inside myself and my work.