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- NKvB 100 years - 8 may 2018

- FAF in Den Bosch

In the weekend of 16 and 17 december Thea shows her work at FAF in Den Bosch.

- Art in the Fortress

  Biennale 2015 Heusden at saturday 12 and sunday 13 september 2015.

- 'de Verleiding', material porcelain, bronze and poured aluminium.

  'de Verleiding' is exposed in the garden of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital   until june 2016. The request came from the commision of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. This work is for sale. For more information please contact the artist.

- Exhibition 'Graphos' at the art gallery Boschveld in Den Bosch

  At the exhibition 'Graphos' at the art gallery Boschveld in Den Bosch   exhibits Thea van Vliet her 'Cloches' till 29 november 2014. For more   information check

- Art fair Westeinderplassen 2014

  5, 6 and 7 september 2014 pos 21.

- Exposition 'small works from Thea'

  Studio Vennix, Verwerstraat Den Bosch.
  Bakery Bergen, "Bergen aan de Maas" will also exibit small works until   Pentecost.

- Exposition 'In the Monastery gardens of Wittem'

  The exposition begins on Sunday 15 juni at 12.15 hour in the garden.
  (by bad weather in the Gerardusroom of the monastery).
  In time of the opening there will be a propose of poems by some   exhibitors.
  The garden of sculptures is open for public until the 28 of august.


  Monastery Wittem
  Wittemer Allee 32, 6286 AB Wittem
  Phone. +31 (0)43 450 1741
  The reception is open at:
  Mo t/m Sa: 09:00 AM until 5:00 PM.
  Su: 08:30 AM until 6:00 PM.

  Link webpage: What about religion

  Opening 15 june 2014 - Summer exposition in the garden of the   monastery, Monastery Wittem

- Exhibition 'Art and Trees'

  At 22 juni and 19 october Thea will be present with her tree in time of   the 'meet and greet'.
  Verwielstraat Osterwijk, by the drugstore.

  Link webpage: Art and Trees
  Link video: Art and Trees

  25 mei until half september 2014 - Oisterwijk

- Exhibition 'Wings imagined'

  Link webpage: Wings to imagined

  17 may until half september 2014 - Hortus in Haren at Groningen

- Exhibition 'Art of Nature', Landart Diessen

Nature for me is a spiritual place to find peace and introspection. The thin airy tree trunks in the Reussel Valley evoke the image of a cathedral, where beams of light peer through the coloured glass. This association of trees connecting with the sky resembles the Gothic idea of touching Heaven. This is exactly I'd like to express by making transparent shapes with treebranches. I like to bring them together and decorate them with a variety of transparent materials like birdfeathers, skeletons of leaves, leaves of flowers etc. I make all this in one piece by connecting it with wax and rope.

  7 until 22 september 2013
  Link webpage: Landart Diessen

- Atelierroute from the community of st.Michielsgestel

  Location Middelrode
  8-15-22-29 september
  Link webpage: Atelierroute 2013

- Exhibition 'The Amsterdamse Bos takes off'

  PDF: Invitation NKvB- natural

Project Description:

'The Amsterdamse Bos takes off'

The Amsterdamse Bos is a forest directly under the flight path of Schiphol; Amsterdam Airport. The noise of the planes overwhelming the natural sounds of the woods and at the same time hint at a world outside. From this combination I created the concept to make wings out of the branches filled with feathers and the skeletons of leaves. By giving trees wings creates the suggestion of taking to flight and more poetically it evokes the idea of taking off for the skies. Leaving the soil and forever reaching out for the sky. The chosen spot is directly under a flight path from Schiphol Airport

Branches, skeletons of leaves, cheesecloth, wax, feathers and rope..

Thea van Vliet

  NKvB- natural
  Amsterdamse Bos
  12 may until 29 september 2013

- Exhibition 'Beauty in the canal'

  31 may until 6 september 2013
  Link webpage: Beauty in the canal